English is NECESSARY for you to improve and upgrade the quality of your life.


HK$ 6,888

  • 1-to-1
  • 12 sessions of 60 minutes
  • in 14 weeks *
  • 6 tailor-made
    listening exercises
  • Adults
  • Fortress Hill
  • English is necessary for you to improve and upgrade the quality of your life.

Now you’re talking! You understand that there is a direct relationship between learning and earning.

You need to learn English to increase your INCOME ! You have taken responsibility for your life and you know that this will result in more customers, more sales, a better position at work, a bigger international network that can elevate you to unseen heights, a better and richer life.


This investment in the development of yourself is crucial, necessary and you just came to the right place. Mr David calls himself “The” English Teacher because in his mind he is always the best. He is a motivational speaker and life coach as well. Let us mentor you whilst you learn English. How about that?

Improve your English during your lunch time. Practical. This student in particular understands that your happiness in life is all a result of your personal growth through study and learning from mistakes.

So how will the sessions look like?

The focus is on your current JOB. Expect that the teacher will help you keep your commitment to that focus you have set so that actual results will appear. We focus on GREAT English communication in both writing and speaking.

We feel very confident to say that we are the best at teaching people in these fields:

  • Salespeople,
  • Customer Service Providers,
  • Hospitality Professionals,
  • etc.

What can I expect from learning English with you?

"What can I expect from learning English with you?"

You can expect to see your life change in the area of work, your business if you have one, your confidence and networking skills, your attitude, and the increased focus on providing value to your customers. I will correct you where necessary, give you constant feedback on your English, motivate you on your job and coach you in life. That is our commitment to you. We believe in the greatness in you and are committed to helping you discover that.

If you truly want to learn, you choose a great teacher and life coach because I will push you to get outside of your comfort zone in order for you to grow in life.
Sage advice: "As long as there is good communication, there is no problem."

So how do I pay?

Tuition fees must be paid before the class starts.

  • Online banking account: The English Teacher Ltd. HSBC 652 208794 001
  • In cash
  • ATM transfer

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