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US$ 88

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  • 1-to-1
  • 60-minute sessions
  • 4 sessions
  • age: +12
  • Thu, Fri, Sat
  • Use sessions: within 1 month
  • App: Zoom
    for iOS or Android
  • All Course types
  • Commitment: low
  • Course fee:
    US$ 354
    (HK$ 2,752)


US$ 74

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per session

  • 1-to-1
  • 60-minute sessions
  • 12 sessions
  • age: +12
  • Thu, Fri, Sat
  • Use sessions: within 3 months
  • App: Zoom
    for iOS or Android
  • All Course types
  • Commitment: moderate
  • Course fee:
    US$ 886
    (HK$ 6,888)


US$ 63

(HK$ 488)
per session

  • 1-to-1
  • 60-minute sessions
  • 24 sessions
  • age: +12
  • Thu, Fri, Sat
  • Use sessions: within 6 months
  • App: Zoom
    for iOS or Android
  • All Course types
  • Commitment: high
  • Course fee:
    US$ 1,507
    (HK$ 11,712)


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Why we do what we do.

Our approach encourages the student to fail faster and to fail forward.

Our starting point is PLAY.

We are in the business of developing happy kids who practise what they love. We believe that increasing happiness in children leads to improved performance. And improved performance leads to great results. And great results lead to increased happiness. So our starting point and main focus is PLAY.

6 key ingredients

Our students improve a lot faster. Why? Because here we learn how to answer faster, fail faster, and learn from their mistakes. One of the first things we teach our students to say correctly is
"Every mistake is an opportunity to learn."
That makes them look positively at failing and preparing them for life.

1. guided English board and card games
2. flipping the classroom
3. fun and interesting guided writing
4. no homework, but fun activities
5. a real-life English environment
6. weekly presentation

Become the teacher.

If the student becomes as good as the teacher in presenting a rule or a concept, they will never forget the rule and always apply the rule. On top of that, they gain great confidence in teaching someone else too. Each one, teach* one.

There is no magic pill,
but close.

Would you want to learn effortlessly and automatically?

The big issue is that students generally don't have a native English environment in Hong Kong. Well, we create EXACTLY that for our students. If studying abroad (UK, US, AU, ...) is out of your budget, sign up with us to be exposed to real-life English right here in Hong Kong. It's possible.


The timeline of our business

  • 2009

    Founding of the company

    The English Teacher Limited was established end 2009. We had moved from the 14th floor to be able to expand business so that we would not be restricted to 19 students a day. We applied for a School Registration with the Education Bureau of Hong Kong.

  • April 2011

    A fully-approved learning centre

    It took us more than a year to get our school permanently registered under the laws of Hong Kong. Quite a stretch. Bureaucracy? Perhaps but we did it.

  • September 2013

    Our YouTube Channel

    YouTube, something we always wanted to do. We made it a reality as you know it now and we are committed to continue updating our channel with more videos.

  • December 2013

    Our first MTR promotion

    We started to grow and thought it would be a good idea to give MTR promotion a go. In hindsight, this didn't give us any benefit even though the locations of the posters were great.

  • September 2015

    Teaching in public

    Times were tough and what do you do as an entrepreneur? The unusual. Something different. And because rule number 1 is to stay in business, you do what you need to do. You get creative. You become more audacious. Remember kids: there will always be people who will hate you. Don't worry. It's a natural fact of life. Don't let it hold you back.

  • February 2016

    Our first franchise is a fact!

    We successfully turned our learning centre in our first franchise.

  • August 2016

    Failure to Success

    We had to revoke the current franchisee's licence. We learnt a lot from this experience and it was the best thing that could happen because we knew that we had to change a few things that were clearly not ready and not working.

  • June 2017

    Starting Over

    Picking up the pieces. After becoming at peace with myself through my Landmark adventure and after exactly 1 year living in the outskirts of Bangkok, mostly in solitude, I moved back to Hong Kong to continue pursuing my dream: "Transforming Education In Hong Kong. (I advise anyone to take a close look at the suicide rate amongst children in Hong Kong and you'll get it)

  • our EngCorrect logo

    March 2019

    Back In Full Force

    I'm back, more knowledgeable and inspiring than ever. I've been working on my next project called "EngCorrect.Net". Go check it out at http://engcorrect.net and get an English correction free of charge. Don't forget to leave us some feedback so that we know how to improve our service.

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Our Vision

"How we think is more important than what we do"


Our vision is to establish 154+ English Teacher learning centres in over 4 countries in Asia by 3 May, 2020 and to provide free and paid online English learning services to reach and teach anyone who believes learning English with us will improve the quality of their lives.

Core Values

When we can be authentic with ourselves, we automatically are that with others.

When we live in commitment, we can always recommit when lapsing.

Fail to succeed
We understand and religiously believe that one must fail enough in order to be great at anything.

We commit to taking 100% responsibility for our output and for our lives.

We believe that discipline is not punishment but training. To be great at anything, you need to train, work hard with a measurable and consistent method.

We commit ourselves to doing all things like we would want them to have done for us.

The only moment when we give up is when we die. But by that time we have passed on the baton to the next generation.


At The English Teacher Limited we are committed to creating a world where we help students discover the joy in learning English in an effortless and playful way – online and offline – without pressure, where they take on the principle that making mistakes is necessary for all learning and success. Through this learning process — starting from play — they become happier, experience improved performance and receive great results which ultimately shapes them into confident, positive and successful human beings.

Teaching locations

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Kwun Tong

Room 607, 6F,
Yen Sheng Centre,
64 Hoi Yuen Road
Our officially registered address


We use Zoom to teach all our students
Visit Zoom here: here
We have recently relocated to Sydney, Australia.
More info coming soon.

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