Improve your English as an important part in your life.


HK$ 5,880

  • 1-to-1
  • 10 sessions of 60 minutes
  • in 12 weeks *
  • 4 tailor-made
    listening exercises
  • Adults
  • Fortress Hill
  • Improve your English as an important part in your life.

Getting committed to long-term learning English out of curiosity is really great. Anything that you are curious about actually, is worth learning as it will lead to your happiness and wealth.

Learning English is important for you in order to travel around the world, be more independent, potentially relocate to an English speaking country and many more reasons. All valid. An important investment in your self-development so that you see, hear and feel the results you are getting from this course. In order to get “tangible” or “audible” results, you must be "committed". That’s why this course pushes you a little harder to make you make that financial commitment. Studies have shown that people often don’t have a commitment until there is something at stake. Or better, when your SHOULD becomes a MUST.

Let's be honest here, who can see REAL life-changing results when they have taken only 4 English sessions with a great teacher? Before the student has had the time to well-implement the advice of the teacher, the course is over. Wouldn’t you agree?
Choosing this course and making the financial commitment shows the teacher that this student truly is committed. They REALLY want to learn. That’s amazing and this should be encouraged not only in adults but also in children.

Improve your English during your lunch time. Practical. This student in particular understands that your happiness in life is all a result of your personal growth through study and learning from mistakes.

So how will the sessions look like?

You decide the topic of the course and the teacher will help you keep your commitment to that topic so that actual results will appear. We teach what you want to focus on in that area.

For example, if you want to learn English because you want to move away from Hong Kong, we would focus on:
  • immigration requirements,
  • local job opportunities,
  • relocation services,
  • local schools,
  • etc.
Then we look where your English communication problems are that need to be addressed in order to make the relocation as smooth as possible and integrate you into the local community as fast as possible.
It’s funny to see how many Chinese students come back from studying 4 years overseas and still have difficulty with their English language skills. They didn’t embrace English. So start embracing it.

What can I expect from learning English with you?

"What can I expect from learning English with you?"

I feel very confident that I can improve your English through listening to your real-life stories and giving you feedback on your English and coach you in life. I always listen to what is most important in your life and ask you questions about these things. I don't issue certificates because I don't believe in paper, I believe in the greatness in you and I help you discover that.

As great teacher and life coach I will push you to get outside of your comfort zone in order for you to grow in life.

"Why would you otherwise hire a professional like me anyway?"
Sage advice: "As long as there is good communication, there is no problem."

So how do I pay?

Tuition fees must be paid before the class starts.

  • Online banking account: The English Teacher Ltd. HSBC 652 208794 001
  • In cash
  • ATM transfer

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