Guided Writing

Guided Writing
Writing has never been easier

Course Details

HK$ 3,128/pers

  • 1-to-3
  • 3 students
  • 13 sessions of 60 minutes
  • dates:
  • 22/09, 29/09, 6/10, 13/10, 20/10, 27/10, 3/11, 10/11, 17/11, 24/11, 1/12, 8/12
  • Incl. 1 Make-up class: 15 Dec
  • Primary
  • Sat, 10-11am
  • Fortress Hill
  • Students learn writing together with the teacher starting from FUN drawings and given translated vocabulary.

Interactive Writing Classes

We understand that most kids in Hong Kong need several things to motivate them to write:

  1. An Engaging Teacher 
Boring teachers do not inspire and motivate students to learn. We believe that in order to maximise the learning in every child, you need a teacher who is confident, knowledgeable and fun. If you agree, sign up.

  2. Fun & Useful Worksheets! 
We start from worksheets filled with funny drawings which inspire them to write their own funny and creative stories. The students learn how to use commonly-used grammar structures which they can use in their daily writing. The more they have this type of practice, the easier writing becomes for them. Therefore we practice on the whiteboard and let them develop their own stories in group and individually based on repeatedly used grammar structures.

We provide translated vocabulary so that the kids don't waste precious time looking up words in the dictionary. We write each sentence of their story on the board together, whilst interactively correcting their mistakes.
If the kids are interacting with their teacher, they learn more, they get more speaking practice and they get improve their overall English ability. If you agree, sign up.

  3. A safe English Environment 
... is an environment where students are allowed to, and yes, even encouraged to make mistakes because we understand that in order to learn English FAST you need to make mistakes faster. The faster you make mistakes, the better you become in the shortest time and the more confidence you build up. We guide our students in writing their sentences by providing them example phrases that they can easily reuse. The more they practise with our fun worksheets, the more they become used to using our worksheets and the faster they improve their English writing skills.
So choose your English teacher wisely! Choose us.If you agree, sign up.

Practise English writing through fun worksheets and interaction with the teacher.

Engage the kids in the learning process in a FUN way. Have them create their own sentences without the worry of writing incorrect English.

3 kids in a class. Loads of fun and more speaking practice!

The Teacher

Mr David

has over 10 years English teaching experience, especially with kids. He simply is a natural. He's got a knack for getting students motivated in class and for having a lot of FUN!

So how do I pay?

Tuition fees must be paid before the course starts.

  • Online banking account: The English Teacher Ltd. HSBC 652 208794 001
  • In cash
  • ATM transfer


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