Sales Presentations
For Adults

If you are a salesperson,
then this is the course that your company will refund you 100%.

Course Details

HK$ 6,888/pers

  • 1-to-1
  • 12 sessions of 60 minutes
  • Adults
  • Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
  • Fortress Hill, Hong Kong
  • You learn powerful techniques on selling products and services, the psychology of selling and all this whilst you are improving your English.
  • If you use our tried-and-tested principles, tips and techniques correctly and practise them in real life,
    you will upgrade your life, your income, provide more value to people and to your business. Basically you will create a life of never-ending success.

3 parts to the lesson

"Expect to learn in a different way, a way that WORKS."

  1. Always a part of each session 

  1. 1. You present your 1-minute English listening exercise as good as possible.
  2. 2. I point out your commonly-made English mistakes.
  3. 3. I correct your English pronunciation mistakes.
  4. 4. I explain grammar structures that are confusing you.

  2. Selling techniques Tips and Techniques  

  1. 1. Each lesson you learn 1 more step of the selling cycle and get deeper into the psychology of selling.
  2. 2. Each lesson you learn 1 powerful selling technique.
  3. 3. Each lesson you talk about a tip or technique from a previous lesson that you've tried out in real life and what the result was. Yes, you need to practise. If you think it's going to come by osmosis, I suggest you think again.

  3. Review 

  1. 1. You receive your next listening exercise and we check if you can access it and understand it.
  2. 2. When time permits, we quickly review what you have learnt, the things you have highlighted during the lesson.

  Why Listening?  
Your class will always start with your presentation of your "assigned" listening exercise.
Because this is the ONLY way you will progress the fastest WITHOUT EFFORT, WITHOUT STUDYING.

- But I want to study! I want to study hard!
We got that. And you CAN, if that's what you want. All we are saying is that we focus on the fastest way towards the improvement of your English ability and that is through listening. Not just listening to "something" but to a listening exercise WE give you.

- So what is that?
A 1-minute listening exercise that teaches you selling scripts and techniques that you can use in your daily business life. Your commitment is to listen to these listening exercises 10 times a day. Do the math, that is 70 times in a week before you arrive at your next class.
If you sign up for the regular price course, we make these listening exercises tailor-made.
If you sign up for the "4 Pro English lessons @ 50% Off", you have to go with our pre-prepared listening exercises.
Sign Up for 4 sessions @ 50% of the regular price.

The Teacher

Mr David

Has over 12 years teaching and selling experience in Hong Kong. He is a natural. He just loves selling and so no wonder that he wants to pass on his knowledge.
Inside info: In 2004, Mr David sold his Mercedes Benz for HK$ 17,000 and that was the only money he had to come to Hong Kong.