Improve your English
before you leave Hong Kong.

Where would you want your children to grow up?
Preparing yourself is your responsibility.

Course Details

HK$ 6,888/pers

  • 1-to-1 or with the family (max 3 pers)
  • 12 sessions of 60 minutes
  • reschedule limit: 2 sessions
  • Adults
  • Mon-Sat
  • Fortress Hill, Hong Kong
  • We teach English for better IELTS results and prepare you for immigration interview questions.
  • We get you in the right mindset, guide you, motivate and push you so that you do the things that are needed to make this dream of moving away from Hong Kong a reality.
    The whole family can join the session because if you want to move away with your family, they need to have the same mindset.

Better be prepared for immigrating to New Zealand, Australia or Canada.

"If you want to move away from Hong Kong and your English is poor, you'll be washing dishes and cleaning the streets." 

The goal of this course: to help you improve your spoken English so that you feel confident answering immigration interview questions, get better results for your IELTS test and to help you make the move to an English speaking country a reality.
Good or good?

  1. Here's how I teach 

  1. 1. You do most of the talking through Q&A
  2. 2. I point out your commonly-made English mistakes where needed.
  3. 3. I correct your English pronunciation mistakes when it makes your speaking unclear.
  4. 4. We focus on SIMPLE ENGLISH that works. There is no need to make it complicated. You don't have time for that.

  2. Develop the winner's mindset.  

  1. 1. First Things First. First you need to set your priorities straight in life. What do you want to get out of life? What are your core values in life? Once you have set those it is time to know the differences between those 3 countries. We do research and create a list to comparison list.
  2. 2. Do it RIGHT from the start. We decide which country you will be moving to so that we can focus all our efforts for the right interview, with the your values and beliefs and for your purpose. "There is nothing worse than being successful at something only to find out that this doesn't make you happy. The ultimate failure."
  3. 3. "Out of sight, out of mind.". You learn how you and your family can think positively about moving to New Zealand, Australia or Canada. We will create a vision board for that so that your entire family can see it and talk about it.
  4. 4. You need to be enthusiastic during the interview. You gather info about that country and together we prepare for talking about this in English. Talking about something you LOVE is way easier than talking about something that is dull and boring.
  5. 5. There is never 1 way to do something. We do research on ALL the possibilities of visas and being able to move there, not just a working visa and a job offer.
  6. 6. Leave the comfort zone. You have to be coachable and I will hold you accountable for your actions. That means also OUTSIDE of the classroom. If you want to be great at something, you need a coach.
  7. 7. You take whiteboard snapshots so that you can quickly revise your class and be reminded again whenever you have some free time.

  3. Review 

  1. 1. You receive your next listening exercise and we check if you can access it and understand it.
  2. 2. We quickly review what you have learnt, the things you have highlighted during the session.

Wanna learn English without studying?
That's possible.

  How? Listen!  
If you choose to learn English with us, you will have to listen to your "assigned" listening exercise each day at least once.
Because this is the ONLY way you will progress the fastest WITHOUT EFFORT, WITHOUT STUDYING.

We focus on the fastest way towards the improvement of your English ability and that is through listening. Not just listening to "something" but to a listening exercise WE create for you.

- So what is that?
This is a 1-minute listening exercise created for you to answer interview questions fluently and confidently. Answers that you need to learn how to say fluently. Your commitment is to listen to these listening exercises 10 times a day. Do the math, that is 70 times a week before you arrive at your next class. Like this, we create "your English environment" because most probably you don't have that right now. The language environment where you currently spend most of your time is probably in another language than English. Isn't it?
These listening exercises are tailor-made for you so that you listen to USEFUL stuff that WILL create the results you are looking for.

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The Teacher

Mr David

Has over 12 years teaching English experience in Hong Kong to both adults and kids. He simply is a natural. He's got a knack for getting his students motivated and inspired in class!

Inside info: Mr David testifies that he grew up in a house with a lush garden where he and his brother played and had the time of their lives.
He is an immigrant himself. He became a natively speaking English teacher when he immigrated to Hong Kong in 2004. According to him, his English was 'poor' when he arrived.