Thousands of people are in a job they hate ...and they stay. WHY?

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Wanna get out of that job?
Let us coach you.

We are professionals who teach English for job interview, coach and motivate you, and guide you to discover your greatness, your talents and abilities that you can truly be proud of because ultimately that is what will make you truly at your new job. You'll get a brand new stunning tailored résumé and we help you how to find the companies that are worth your skills, talents and abilities.

What you get

10 hours of English coaching sessions 1-to-1.

2 Session Options

10 one-hour sessions of coaching and English preparation
(twice a week)


5 two-hour sessions of coaching and English preparation.
(once a week)

Résumé Builder™ Access

We give access to our online Résumé Builder™ platform. You add the content, we check, guide and correct your English.

Corrections of your assignments

You write and upload your content, through our online Résumé Builder™. We correct and enhance in the classroom. Expect to be busy after the class!

8 colour printed résumés

A brand new stunning résumé from a choice of 7 different amazing templates that suits your needs. PLUS 8 colour printed résumés and covering letters to send to the most suitable companies.


As with all things in life, it’s going to take something from you, financially and mentally.

But most importantly mentally: it’s going to take a 5-week full-on commitment of you with classes and assignments. Your lesson will NOT STOP after the session. Expect to be busy to get the desired results you’re looking for.

HK$ 5,880

Ask yourself:

"Is investing in myself in getting coached to get out of my current job and get into the job that I will truly love, worth it?"

"Is it necessary for me to work for a company with a vision that I fully agree with?"

Note: If you are at all serious about changing your job to the job of your life,
EXPECT to be busy.

Our Location

Room D, 11F,
Chung Nam Mansion,
163 King's Road

Type: Home office in a classroom setting
Facilities: a whiteboard, comfortable seats and clean washroom.
Teaching availability: Thu-Sat

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